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      A non-public, non-profit special education school for children in grades K-12 with behavior challenges.  We serve students who reside in Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties.     
Behavior Program » Point and Level System

Point and Level System

 Student Daily Report

This behavioral monitoring system is used to record and monitor a student’s daily progress. Points are earned by students for each period of the day, including transportation times, transitions, breaks and lunches. Students earn points for meeting both academic activity and behavioral expectations.


Medal (Level) Privileges/Progression

This program has been designed to provide a structure and opportunity for students to be reinforced for modifying behavior, exercising impulse control, and completing academic assignments. The medals are intended to reflect students, earned “level of trust." The privileges associated with each medal are designed to reflect the student’s current level of responsibility and self-control. The privileges range from participating in regular school academics for the students who have displayed a very limited amount of responsibility to an off-campus outing for those who have displayed a more consistent level of responsible behavior. As students progress through the system, they should experience more autonomy.


Based on a percentage of the total points earned by the student for the week against the total possible points which can be earned, the student will be assigned to a Medal Level. If a student was in complete attendance for all periods for the entire week, the total possible points that can be earned are 500. Excused absences may change the number of possible points to be earned; for example, if a student had an excused absence of one entire day, then the total possible would be 400 points.) The progression of Medal levels is based as follows:


Gold = 85% to 100% earned of the total possible

Silver = 70% to 84% earned of the total possible

Bronze = 0% to 69% earned of the total possible