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      A non-public, non-profit special education school for children in grades K-12 with behavior challenges.  We serve students who reside in Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties.     
Behavior Program » Under Construction Program

Under Construction Program




“Under Construction” is an alternative way in which to hold students accountable for their property damage and to teach them the value of personal responsibility. Instead of relying solely on the efforts of the teaching team to make sure that consequences are completed, the responsibility is redirected to the individual student. This is accomplished by making daily privileges and earned reinforcements as means toward paying off their property damage. The effort exerted and the amount of time to accomplish the consequence are up to the student.


Following an incident of property damage, the student automatically goes “UNDER CONSTRUCTION." All privileges, reinforcement, and Crest Cash are now used to pay off damage.   For example, Crest Cash is not taken away; rather, it is simply used as currency to pay towards their balance.


Under Construction, if used properly, can be an excellent teaching tool that will teach the student about personal responsibility and serve as a deterrent to further property damage. The responsibility is on the student, but control of the “tool” remains with the teaching team.