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      A non-public, non-profit special education school for children in grades K-12 with behavior challenges.  We serve students who reside in Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties.     
Behavior Program » Positive Reinforcements/Incentives

Positive Reinforcements/Incentives

Student Store

This part of the school-wide behavioral program serves as a reinforcement that gives the student an individualized reward for positive classroom behavior. It also provides a teaching opportunity for delayed gratification by allowing a student to “save” for more desired items to be purchased in the future. The student store is supplied with a wide variety of items such, as school supplies, sports equipment, health and beauty aids, games, and toys. These items are appropriate to the age, interests, and developmental levels of the students. Students must be at Gold Level or above in order to redeem Crest Cash at the Student Store. In addition, Student Stores are also stocked with a variety of snacks and beverages for purchase by students with Crest Cash.


Friday Level Activities

A Level Activity is planned in advance each Friday for the students who have earned 85% or higher for the week (Gold Level).  Students who are at the Silver Level in our program will be rewarded with an on-site activity on Friday, such as watching an educational movie. Students who are at the Bronze Level will participate in their regular academic program.

Crest Cash

Students are recognized in the moment with CREST CASH – paper tokens that are given when a student shows one or more of the core values in an authentic manner. When we catch a student independently displaying one of the core values, he/she will receive Crest Cash. This system of rewarding unprompted behavior emphasizes the fact that interactions between students and staff can be rewarding, encouraging and positive. Positive individual attention also gives a sense of personal gratification. Crest Cash is spent in the student store on a weekly basis. Students must be on Gold Level or above to shop.

Core Value Cards

The Core Value Cards are color-coded and earned by respecting Others, having a Considerate attitude and displaying Academic responsibility. Social skills lessons are taught to the students to show them how these values are demonstrated in the classrooms, on campus, and in the community. When Core Values are not being displayed at dismissal, red slips will be distributed. Two red slips in one week constitute a level drop.


Student of the Month

At month’s end, teachers will count each student’s Core Value Cards. The recipient of the most Core Value Cards per classroom will be awarded Student of the Month. The student will get a certificate and positive praise as well as participate in a special reward.     



Group acknowledgement is a critical part of PBIS. Once a quarter, students will receive awards to include: Most Improved Attitude, Academic Responsibility, and Respectful Citizen. At our year-end ceremony, each classroom awards Student of the Year to the student who symbolized all three Core Values throughout the year.


Individualized Incentives

Individualized incentives will occur in the classrooms to acknowledge demonstration of the three Core Values. Attendance is another critical aspect of the PBIS program; therefore random attendance incentives will be given throughout the school year.