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Success Stories & Testimonials

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"The staff here are simply incredible people. They are compassionate and sensitive, yet they also know how to set boundaries with the kids who need it. It is an incredibly therapeutic environment where the kids learn academics at their own individual pace. We love OCA!" - Anna, parent of an OCA student

"Thank you for everything. I have seen such an improvement in my grandson. I appreciate all of you and all of the time you have dedicated to him and my family." - Ethel, grandmother of a former OCA student

“I want to give thanks to all the staff for the support that they give to my son…and also for not giving up on him and helping him see all the efforts that you guys do for him. Thanks to all of you for all this help, I have no words to express all my feelings and the appreciation that I feel for all of you. God bless all of you for being such good people with my son.” - OCA Parent

“We as parents can't say enough to the hard work and dedication your teachers and staff give our children and us parents throughout our lives. We thank you all for your continued efforts and sacrifice to teach and to inspire our children. Thank you all for everything and God bless.” - OCA Parent

“I politely thank you for all the help you have given. God bless all of you always in your work. Thank you so much." - OCA Parent

"Before coming to Olive Crest Academy, my daughter hated school. She would get teased by her peers and the teachers did not understand her. I would have to pick her up from school early almost every day. She didn’t learn during the day. She would retaliate against us at home for her rough days at school. Since coming to Olive Crest Academy, my daughter has friends. I have never had to pick her up early from school due to behaviors, and she is learning in class. When she gets home from school she talks about the ups and downs of her day, instead of reacting with anger. This school is a blessing. Staff, therapists, and teachers are easy to communicate with. Feedback is always positive, with options and suggestions. Our future was once an obscure doom. Now, my daughter says she wants to graduate college and become independent. Before now I thought she would end up in some type of group home. The possibilities are endless. Thank you, thank you OCA!" - Betsy, mother of an OCA student

“My son, Brett, attended Olive Crest Academy from 2001 to 2006. It was the best thing for him. There are no hopeless, stupid, unteachable children. There really should be schools like yours everywhere. There aren't enough of them for children who are still falling through the cracks. Your school deserves to be proud of being a resource of such value and need. In 2014, Brett graduated with honors from Back Bay High School in Costa Mesa. He is now attending the Actors for Autism Video Game Design Academy in Glendale. He has a bright future because he received the right school placement and services that he needed for grades K through 12.” - Penni, mother of a former OCA student

"My son has been at OCA since September 2016, and his behavior that was holding him back at school has changed for the better. OCA staff saw a problem start with his initial classroom and took care of it in one day. He is much happier in his new classroom. Way to go OCA!!!" - Robin, mother of a former OCA student

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for working with my son over the last four years. It has all paid off and we are extremely proud of his success.  It's not easy working with children who have learning disabilities. I thank God every day for my son's continued progress and I thank all of you at Olive Crest Academy!" - Barbara, mother of an OCA graduate


"Before I came to Olive Crest Academy, I was not succeeding in school. My behaviors prevented me from learning. My GPA was a 1.6. I would ditch class and get into fights with my peers. I didn't even think college was an option for me. When I arrived at Olive Crest Academy, I learned coping skills.  This school makes learning fun and accessible for students who don't really like going to school. After only 7 months at Olive Crest Academy, my school district saw what a great impact the school had on me. My GPA was up to a 3.2 because the program they use works.  The staff really cares about the students and wants them to live better lives, I am proof of that. Now I have dreams for my future and see going to college as a reality for myself. Thank you, Olive Crest Academy!" - Micah, former student of OCA

"Before I came to this school, I struggled a lot with my behavior and my grades. When I came to Olive Crest Academy I learned how to apply myself and realized my dream of being able to help my family and my country.  Being here, I learned how to show respect to everyone, including myself." - Austin, a former OCA student

"I never stayed in one school for very long.  I was asked to leave most schools because of my behavior. I needed more help with certain subjects and would act out because it was frustrating to not be able to keep up with others in class on schoolwork because of my learning disabilities. I have been at Olive Crest Academy for over two years. This is the longest I have ever been at one school.  Academically, I feel like I still need to learn some things, but I can feel myself achieving more, which motivates me to keep learning. I have really great relationships with the staff, so I feel really safe here. I am excited to be graduating from Olive Crest Academy in the next few weeks and feel that they have helped me get set up for a successful future." - Ivene, a former OCA student

"I wasn't proud of the person I was before I came to Olive Crest Academy. When I return to my district program I am not going to be the same person I was. I like who I am now." - Xavier, a former OCA student

"I want to thank you for your wonderful program. It really helped me change my behaviors before I graduated in 2012 to head to high school. I had so many wonderful teachers and in all my years that I was there they never gave up on me and were always there to help me. Thank you!" - Carlos, a former OCA student


"The love and compassion that flows through Olive Crest Academy is evident in your staff. From the moment I entered the office, I was treated with kindness and respect. The instruction that is being provided at Olive Crest Academy to its students is to be commended. The teaching and support required in a special-needs environment is unique and non-traditional. I admire the commitment and support your teachers and staff are providing for this extremely important demographic." - Trudy, Doctor of Education