Academic Program » High School Credit Accrual

High School Credit Accrual

High school students at Olive Crest Academy (OCA) have an individualized academic program designed to meet the graduation requirements of their respective school district.

Credit is given based on completion of assignments as well as attendance. The maximum number of credits that a pupil can earn a semester is 5 per class. Requests to earn additional credits must be submitted to the Principal or AP of Educational Services in writing at least 3 weeks before the beginning of the course and is based on approval from the school district.

An incomplete grade and credit approval will be determined on an individual basis, based on attendance, performance and work completed. Incomplete grades are to be cleared within four weeks of the end of the quarter in which they occurred. Incompletes not cleared result in the reduction of credits and grades.

  • It is assumed that each pupil will earn five (5) credits per semester, per period of instruction.

  • Unless programmed into a course that meets less than one period per day, five days a week, it is assumed that each course which meets daily will result in five credits per semester.

  • When circumstances arise that result in excessive absences or nonproductive work in the classroom, variable credit is an option, and may be utilized. When it is determined during a team meeting that variable credits are necessary, the following guidelines are to be utilized.

  • Policy: If it is deemed through a team meeting that variable credits may be an option, it is the policy of the school that the parents be notified in writing during the fifth week of the quarter. If the matter does not correct itself, a parent conference will be held at the quarter where the parents will be asked to sign a statement that they are aware that their child is in jeopardy of earning less than five units of credit for a particular course.

  • Students will earn credits based on assignments completed and submitted during each semester for each course.

Partial credit is based on the following:

  • 90-100% productive periods = 5 units (90 periods)

  • 80-90% productive periods = 4 units (80 periods)

  • 70-80% productive periods = 3 units (70 periods)

  • 60-70% productive periods = 2 units (60 periods)

  • 50-60% productive periods = 1 unit (45 periods)

  • 40% and less productive periods = 0 units
The periods of productive work do not have to be consecutive. It is the teacher's responsibility to keep an accurate record of work performance based on completion of assignments throughout the semester.