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WorkAbility I Program

Olive Crest Academy is pleased to host the statewide school-to-career high school transition program, WorkAbility I (WA I). WA I is a grant awarded by the California Department of Education that allows OCA to offer pathways towards independent living for students with special needs. OCA has proudly provided WA I services to our students for more than 20 years.

WorkAbility I works with ninth through twelfth grade students to promote career awareness and exploration while completing their secondary education program. WA I further provides students with opportunities for job shadowing, paid and non-paid work experience, and ongoing support and guidance from vocational advisors. WA I also prepares students for independent living and transitioning into adult life through core studies and social interactions with the community.

Program services are customized to individual students' needs, abilities, and interests. They include, but are not limited to, the following services:
  • Core Academic Skills Development
  • Career/Vocational Assessments
  • Creation of a Personal Portfolio (i.e., resume)
  • Self-Advocacy Training
  • Vocational Classes
  • Career Counseling and Guidance
  • Independent Living Skills (i.e., community-based instruction, domestic skills, money management, mobility training)
  • Workplace Skills Development (i.e., interpersonal skills, worksite expectations)
  • Career-Awareness Activities (i.e., guest speakers, industry tours)
  • Career-Exploration Activities (i.e., job shadow)
  • Employment
  • Job Search Skills
  • One Year Follow-Up    
OCA has a visionary purpose of preparing students to be confident adults in the ever-challenging world of work and life. The preparation begins at the primary level of instruction and curriculum. Students are provided with real-life opportunities to practice hard and soft skills that translate directly into job acquisition and retention.