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Van Expectations and Notification

The driver is in charge and responsible for safely transporting students to and from home and school. Students are expected to display Core Value behavior. To help encourage positive behavior, students may earn green slips by conducting themselves in a manner that goes above and beyond our Core Value expectations.


  1. When the van arrives for pick up, the student should be ready, listening, and watching for the van to arrive.
  2. There is a 10-minute window before and after scheduled pick up time.
  3. The van driver will wait three minutes past the arrival time. After three minutes, the van driver will call the school. School personnel will then attempt to contact the residence to confirm the student’s attendance. The driver will respond accordingly. Students who are not ready when the van arrives could earn a pink slip.
  1. Expectations in the van are as follows:
  • Keep property and equipment in good working condition
  • Stay in assigned seat with seatbelt fastened
  • Have appropriate conversations
  • Display safe and healthy behaviors
  • Respect the safety and well-being of passengers and drivers
  • Remember to bring homework home
  • Leave all food and personal items with the driver

    Distractions can bother the driver and may result in a serious accident.
  1. Wait until the van comes to a complete stop and the driver has given permission to exit the van safely.
  1. In case of emergency, students are expected to stay in the van unless told by the driver to do otherwise.