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Code of Conduct

  1. Students are to leave all personal property at home. Cash and all electronic devices, including cell phones, iPods, and mp3 players need to be checked in with staff before entering school grounds.

  2. Olive Crest Academy is drug, alcohol, and smoke-free. Illicit or illegal drugs are prohibited

  3. Students may not possess weapons of any kind

  4. Students are to respect school, other students, and staff property at all times

  5. Students are to respect and maintain appropriate physical boundaries and contact with peers and staff

  6. Students are to respect one another's emotional welfare by speaking to others with positive and affirming language

  7. Middle and high school students will be searched by school staff before entering campus every morning. Elementary students are subject to be searched on an individual basis.

  8. Students shall follow all classroom expectations

  9. Students are to dress appropriately