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Academic Program

Olive Crest Academy (OCA) serves students grades K-12+. Students are assigned to their grade level based upon their IEP. 

What are the goals of OCA?
One of the primary goals of OCA is to help our students become eager learners, not simply to improve academic performance or reinforce academic skills. Tailoring instruction to academic development verses chronological development prevents student discouragement. Students are given tasks that can be completed successfully in a structured and respectful atmosphere, in which positive risk-taking is encouraged.

What are the methods and curriculum of OCA?
The main objective of the curriculum at OCA is to teach to the California Common Core Standards at the student’s academic functioning level. Instructional objectives identified in the Individual Education Plan and prescribed school district guidelines are strictly followed. OCA offers a range of instructional materials to meet the K-12 achievement levels of all our students, according to the school district guidelines. Core subjects like Math and Language Arts are taught at the student’s instructional level, while Social Studies, Sciences, Physical Education, and Technology are taught either individually or in group settings.

How is my student’s progress measured?
Student outcomes are measured using a variety of methods. Students are tested twice a year using the WRAT3 and Devereux. They are also assessed once a year for present level performances using the Woodcock-Johnson III test. Credit completion toward graduation is documented quarterly while reporting on IEP benchmarks. Grades also serve as measures of student progress. Lastly, daily and weekly reports are sent to parents so they may monitor their child’s progress as well.