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Collaborative Problem Solving

Collaborative Problem Solving is a non-punitive, non-adversarial trauma informed model of care.  This approach enables us to identify the REASON why our students have challenging behaviors and solve those difficulties, not focus merely on modifying the behavior itself.  We want to help our students learn lifelong skills that will help them succeed in school and beyond.
The approach emphasizes the healing power of caring relationships. When students believe that we are here to help them, they feel safe enough to open up and allow us to help them solve the issues that are making things difficult for them.  We partner with them, not decide for them, what will work and what possible solutions there are to different problems. 
Our belief is that Kids Do Well if they Can.  Our job shifts from trying to motivate our students to do well, to identifying the skills that  are preventing them from meeting expectations. 
We assess the student's lagging skills, identify the problems to be solved and then collaborate with the students to come up with  solutions that will meet both the student and the adult concerns.