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Relationship-Based Intervention Program

At Olive Crest Academy, our goal is not focused on obedience or compliance, but on connection and trust. All interventions strive to deepen our connection with students and see life through their eyes. We view their challenging behaviors as their way of communicating to us that something is causing them fear, pain, or anxiety. When we see a behavior that is problematic or confusing, the first question we ask is not, “How do we get rid of it?” but rather, “What is this telling us about the child?”

Olive Crest Academy believes it is through caring, understanding, and nurturing relationships that healing occurs. It is critical that we as adults give students a voice and understand where they are coming from.

We support students’ individual behavioral needs through two key relationship-based programs: Collaborative Problem Solving and Trauma-Informed Care. Other customized supports are provided on an individualized basis, as needed.