Why Olive Crest Academy

Students who attend Olive Crest Academy come from different backgrounds and face different obstacles. That means their goals are different, too.

Whether your child strives to learn their ABC’s, enter the workforce, or return to the public-school setting, Olive Crest Academy is passionate about helping every student succeed.

Our 360° approach to education is designed to focus on the unique needs of the whole child, ensuring every student is provided the support, resources, and instruction they need to grow in all areas of life. We embrace students who exhibit even the toughest challenges, instilling in them a sense of belonging while giving them the opportunity to shine.

Olive Crest Academy is certified by the California Department of Education and meets all state-mandated criteria for operating a school for special needs students. Through our proven, proactive programs for students in grades K-12+, Olive Crest Academy maintains one of the highest transition rates of all non-public schools in Southern California.

Our dedication to your child’s success includes:

  • Small class sizes, averaging 12-14 students

  • Low staff-to-student ratio of 1:4

  • Personalized instruction that meets the interests and needs of each student

  • Individual and group counseling (speech and language therapy are available as indicated in a student’s IEP)

  • Building relationships that create trust

  • Giving students a voice and an active role in setting and reaching their individualized goals

  • Infusing our core academic, therapeutic, and behavioral programs with widely-recognized techniques to reach students, including dog and equine therapy

  • Practicing Collaborative Problem Solving; a non-punitive, non-adversarial, trauma-informed model of care

  • Lovingly welcoming students and their families into the Olive Crest Academy family and connecting them with support, services, and communication that extend well beyond the school day